Day 2

Wow! So many weird things happened right after we went to bed but let’s start with the amazing time we had at the school. When we got to the school, everyone was taking a test that measured their overall knowledge. Then when the students were finished, we all worked at the garden plowing and putting up the fencing surrounding the garden. We played with the kids and had a great time just like yesterday. For lunch we had lentils and jello. After lunch, we gave the kids a presentation on recycling and then we split up into two groups, one teaching English and the other making recycled puppets. The children rotated every hour with a break in between. There were some difficulties because each student had a different learning pace. We ended the day by individually playing and hanging with each kid. What was funny was that they kept asking for numbers and names to remember and keep in contact with us. All in all we had a great time with the children and we think that after this trip we will greatly miss them. They are totally awesome!

Wow! Tuvimos una noche muy agitada ayer pero la pasamos super bien hoy en el colegio. Cuando llegamos al colegio todos estaban tomando una prueba llamada SIMSE para medir la capacidad de inteligencia. Despues de haber terminado la prueba, fuimos a la huerta y terminamos la reja que lo encerraba. Jugamos a con los estudiantes igual que ayer y la pasamos muy bien. Les dimos una presentacion acerca del reciclaje y como se puede usar efectivamente. Hicimos dos grupos; uno fue a aprender Ingles y el otro fue a hacer marionetas de materiales reciclables.  Terminamos el dia jugando individualmente con cada joven y lo pasamos increiblemente bien. Son lo mejor!

Miriam, Lisa, Rayen


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