Day 3

Today was a very eventful day. We started out the day with painting mural. Yesterday the kids had made designs on paper of how they wanted the mural to look. We looked at all these designs and combined all their ideas to create a final design. Once we chose what was going to be put on the mural the kids alongside us started drawing an outline of the images on the wall using chalk. Throughout the rest of the day the kids and several of the Nido students continued to paint the mural. By the end of the day the mural was completely finished. In the morning we also started planting some vegetables and seeds.  These included tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions, beans, sunflowers, albaca, parsley, celery, oregano among others. When all the plants where planted and had been irrigated we split up in to two groups. One of the groups went with three different pickup trucks, the smaller kids, teachers, and some parents to the main road. Once we where there we got out of the trucks and started picking up all the garbage alongside the road. At the same time we were passing out papers to the people of the community that contained information about keeping the environment clean. We picked up a lot of trash. Each one of the three groups filled up about 5 garbage bags. Meanwhile the other Nido students and older kids who had stayed in the school where also enjoying themselves. They got to know each other better and enjoyed dancing together. Others painted the mural. Once everyone was back in school everyone went to eat lunch. After lunch we all had a bit of free time to go and play. When the recess was over everybody gathered and we gave a short presentation to the kids about our school. The kids loved seeing pictures of where we go to school. Then we broke up in to two groups again as did the kids. One group stayed inside and made bracelets with beads, made necklaces with fruit loops, and made maracas. The other group went outside and played sports such as soccer and dodge ball. Then the two groups switched. That was the end of the day and the kids went home as we went to the hostal. At the hostal some people from a local television station came and interviewed us about what we were doing in Molina. Then some students went to the super market for food for the bbq at the school tomorrow. That was our day.

Hoy fue un día muy interesante. Pintamos un mural usando diseños que los niños crearon ayer. Al final del dia terminamos de pintar el mural. Hoy día también trabajamos en el jardin plantando vegetales y semillas. Plantamos apio, perejil, albaca, porotos, cebolla, berenjena,  pimiento, y tomates. Después de que todo estuviera plantado nos dividimos en dos grupos. Uno de los grupos fue a buscar basura por las calles y el otro se quedo dándole toques finales al mural. Cuando todos regresaron a la escuela ya era hora del almuerzo. Después del almuerzo todos se reunieron y tuvimos una presentación sobre nuestro colegio, explicándoles como era. Después de esto nos separamos en dos grupos de nuevo. Uno hizo el taller de deporte, el otro hizo el taller de arte. Después de esto era hora de que los niños se vayan a sus casas y nosotras regresamos al hostal. Allí practicamos unos bailes y después algunas de nuestras compañeras fueron a comprar comida para el asado de mañana. Ese fue nuestro día.

Stephanie, Annelies and Carmen


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