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Day 1

Today, after a 3 hour drive from Santiago, we arrived to the small but beautiful town of Molina. We got  settled in some 3 cute spacious cabins. After unpacking, we headed to a small school called Colegio Buena Paz. The children greeted us warmly, with a presentation to introduce their school, including several different instruments. We then ate lunch: delicious pasta with a hard boiled egg. We then helped by starting an ecological garden, by either removing rocks or dead grass, or making holes for a fence. Additionally, some individuals started painting a mural for the entrance of the school. We had a very fun time getting to know all the kids and their interests.  We later came back  to our cabins in Molina, took a one hour break, and walked to a nearby park. After coming back, we ate dinner. 

Hoy, después de un viaje de 3 horas desde Santiago, llegamos a una pequeña pero hermosa ciudad, Molina. Nos instalamos en un hostil con tres habitaciones. Desempacamos, nos dirijimos a un colegio llamado Colegio Buena Paz, donde los niños nos recibieron con gran abrazos y alegría. También nos dieron una presentación donde nos informaron sobre su colegio y las actividades que realizaban. Después almorzamos tallarines con un huevo duro. Luego, empezamos a trabajar en un jardín ecológico. Unos limpiaron el área, sacando las piedras, y otros pintaban el muro blanco. Fue una sensación increíble conocer a niños, y saber sus intereses. Nos fuimos a las cabañas, y luego nos acompañó una hora de recreo.  Caminos por el parque por 15 minutos, y luego volvimos a comer.



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Day 2

Wow! So many weird things happened right after we went to bed but let’s start with the amazing time we had at the school. When we got to the school, everyone was taking a test that measured their overall knowledge. Then when the students were finished, we all worked at the garden plowing and putting up the fencing surrounding the garden. We played with the kids and had a great time just like yesterday. For lunch we had lentils and jello. After lunch, we gave the kids a presentation on recycling and then we split up into two groups, one teaching English and the other making recycled puppets. The children rotated every hour with a break in between. There were some difficulties because each student had a different learning pace. We ended the day by individually playing and hanging with each kid. What was funny was that they kept asking for numbers and names to remember and keep in contact with us. All in all we had a great time with the children and we think that after this trip we will greatly miss them. They are totally awesome!

Wow! Tuvimos una noche muy agitada ayer pero la pasamos super bien hoy en el colegio. Cuando llegamos al colegio todos estaban tomando una prueba llamada SIMSE para medir la capacidad de inteligencia. Despues de haber terminado la prueba, fuimos a la huerta y terminamos la reja que lo encerraba. Jugamos a con los estudiantes igual que ayer y la pasamos muy bien. Les dimos una presentacion acerca del reciclaje y como se puede usar efectivamente. Hicimos dos grupos; uno fue a aprender Ingles y el otro fue a hacer marionetas de materiales reciclables.  Terminamos el dia jugando individualmente con cada joven y lo pasamos increiblemente bien. Son lo mejor!

Miriam, Lisa, Rayen

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Day 3

Today was a very eventful day. We started out the day with painting mural. Yesterday the kids had made designs on paper of how they wanted the mural to look. We looked at all these designs and combined all their ideas to create a final design. Once we chose what was going to be put on the mural the kids alongside us started drawing an outline of the images on the wall using chalk. Throughout the rest of the day the kids and several of the Nido students continued to paint the mural. By the end of the day the mural was completely finished. In the morning we also started planting some vegetables and seeds.  These included tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions, beans, sunflowers, albaca, parsley, celery, oregano among others. When all the plants where planted and had been irrigated we split up in to two groups. One of the groups went with three different pickup trucks, the smaller kids, teachers, and some parents to the main road. Once we where there we got out of the trucks and started picking up all the garbage alongside the road. At the same time we were passing out papers to the people of the community that contained information about keeping the environment clean. We picked up a lot of trash. Each one of the three groups filled up about 5 garbage bags. Meanwhile the other Nido students and older kids who had stayed in the school where also enjoying themselves. They got to know each other better and enjoyed dancing together. Others painted the mural. Once everyone was back in school everyone went to eat lunch. After lunch we all had a bit of free time to go and play. When the recess was over everybody gathered and we gave a short presentation to the kids about our school. The kids loved seeing pictures of where we go to school. Then we broke up in to two groups again as did the kids. One group stayed inside and made bracelets with beads, made necklaces with fruit loops, and made maracas. The other group went outside and played sports such as soccer and dodge ball. Then the two groups switched. That was the end of the day and the kids went home as we went to the hostal. At the hostal some people from a local television station came and interviewed us about what we were doing in Molina. Then some students went to the super market for food for the bbq at the school tomorrow. That was our day.

Hoy fue un día muy interesante. Pintamos un mural usando diseños que los niños crearon ayer. Al final del dia terminamos de pintar el mural. Hoy día también trabajamos en el jardin plantando vegetales y semillas. Plantamos apio, perejil, albaca, porotos, cebolla, berenjena,  pimiento, y tomates. Después de que todo estuviera plantado nos dividimos en dos grupos. Uno de los grupos fue a buscar basura por las calles y el otro se quedo dándole toques finales al mural. Cuando todos regresaron a la escuela ya era hora del almuerzo. Después del almuerzo todos se reunieron y tuvimos una presentación sobre nuestro colegio, explicándoles como era. Después de esto nos separamos en dos grupos de nuevo. Uno hizo el taller de deporte, el otro hizo el taller de arte. Después de esto era hora de que los niños se vayan a sus casas y nosotras regresamos al hostal. Allí practicamos unos bailes y después algunas de nuestras compañeras fueron a comprar comida para el asado de mañana. Ese fue nuestro día.

Stephanie, Annelies and Carmen

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Day 4

Today was a very emotional day. It was our last day with the kids and visiting the school. When we got there, everyone was busy preparing for the inauguration ceremony. The students from the school performed traditional Chilean dances and we performed a hip-hop dance.  Steph then gave a speech on our experiences these past three days. She did a great job representing our group. After that we had a little bit of time to take pictures with the kids and the garden. We then had a delicious “asado” with the children, parents, teachers, and representatives of ecological organizations that worked with us. After that, it was time to say goodbye. It was a great experience to spend these with the kids and I think we speak for all of us that they have truly touched us. After an emotional farewell, it was time to go to the wilderness. We drove for about an hour down to Siete Tazas and did a one hour hike. As we started our hike, we met up with these American kayakers (that were really hot) and greeted them. They are five minutes away, but we are prohibited from coming even close to the hostal they are staying at. At the moment, we are cooking dinner and just having a great time.

Hoy día fue un día muy emocional. Fue nuestro ultimo día con los alumnos y visitando el colegio. Cuando llegamos, todos estaban ocupados preparando para la inauguración del huerto. Los estudiantes del colegio presentaron bailes típicos de Chile. Nosotras hicimos un baile the hip-hop. Steph duspues hablo acerca de nuestras experiencias en este paseo. Ella hizo un trabajo excelente en representar a nuestro grupo. Eso fue seguido por un delicioso asado y un poco de tiempo para tomar fotos con los alumnos y el Nuevo jardin ecológico. Finalmente fue hora de despedirse de nuestros nuevos amigos. Fue una gran experiencia y creo que todos disfrutamos mucho nuestro tiempo con los chicos. Despues de nuestra despedida emocional nos fuimos a Siete Tazas. Nos tomo una hora para llegar y hicimos una expedición de una hora. Al empezar nuestra expedición, nos encontramos con unos alumnos americanos. Quedan seis minutos del hostal donde estamos y lo tenemos prohibido acercarse al hostal donde ellos están. Por ahora, estamos cocinando nuestra cena y divirtiéndonos mucho.

Rayen and Miriam

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Day 5

After a morning hike in the beautiful national park Siete Tazas and some very brave river bathing (it was freeeezing!) the trip to Molina came to an end. It’s been an eventful week for everyone with lots of laughter, hard work, shared learning and many new friends made. The main objective of the trip was to build a sustainable garden together with the children of Buena Paz and exchange knowledge about how to care for the environment. However, the truly lasting memory and highlight for everyone has been getting to know each other and learning about each other’s lives and realities.

As well as building a garden the girls from Nido de Aguilas showed the local children how to make handicraft with recycled materials and taught them English in afternoon workshops, helped design and paint a mural with an ecological message in the school yard and took part in a recolección of garbage in the Buena Paz community.     

We want to say a big THANK YOU to the wonderful and dedicated directora of Escuela Buena Paz, Marisol Cavieres, who kindly invited us to her school, to teacher Miguel Molina who put Voluntary Horizons in touch with Marisol and helped us with all the contacts in Molina, to Roberto Rios at the Departamento de Educación who organized for us to have lunch together with the children and transport to and from the school, to the technicians from INDAP and Prodesal, Patricio Acevedo and Marcelo Escobar (and Carlos, Christian and Guillermo),  who instructed us in building the garden and donated plants and seeds, to the school caretaker, Luis, who together with his very patient horse showed us how to plow the ecological way and to all the other people involved in the project who helped make this a successful, fun and memorable week.

Jenny, Group Leader

Después de una mañana de andinismo en el hermoso parque nacional, Siete Tazas, las niñas muy valientes se bañaron en el rio (muy helada el agua!!) y allí  el viaje a Molina llego a su fin. Fue una semana muy movida para todo el mundo con mucha risa, trabajo duro, aprendizaje mutuo y nuevas amistades. La meta principal del viaje fue construir un sostenible jardín ecológico junto con los niños de Buena Paz y compartir conocimiento sobre cuidar el medioambiente. Sin embargo, el recuerdo duradero para todos fue conocer a personas nuevas y aprender de sus vidas y la realidad en que viven.

En adicción a construir el jardín las jóvenes de Nido de Águilas mostraron a los niños de Buena Paz como hacer artesanía de materiales reciclados y los enseñaron inglés en talleres por la tarde, ayudaron a diseñar y pintar una muralla con un mensaje ecológico en el patio de la escuela y participaron en una recolección de basura en la comunidad de Buena Paz.

Queremos dar MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS a la maravillosa y dedicada directora de la escuela de Buena Paz, Marisol Cavieres, quien fue muy gentil en invitarnos a su escuela, al profesor Miguel Molina quien puso Voluntary Horizons en contacto con Marisol y quien nos ayudó con todos los contactos en Molina, a Roberto Rios en el Departamento de Educación quien lo hizo posible que almorzaremos con los niños de la escuela y quien organizó el transporte hasta la escuela y de vuelta, a los técnicos de INDAP y Prodesal, Patricio Acevedo and Marcelo Escobar (y Carlos, Christian y Guillermo), quienes nos enseñaron a construir el jardín y donaron plantas y semillas, al bedel, Luis, quien junto a su caballo muy paciente, nos enseño como arar en una manera ecológica, y a todas las otras personas que hicieron esta semana una semana exitosa, divertida y memorable.

Jenny, lider del grupo

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